Having Fun With Remote Shells

I just bought a VPS (virtual private server) a couple of days ago, and I’m enjoying tinkering with it. It’s not the most powerful beast though; it only has 64MB RAM and 128MB swap. I won’t say the name of the company I’m subscribed to since my box isn’t exactly the bastion of security, but you should be able to discern the shell provider from how I describe my escapades :D

The most important lesson I’ve learned while playing sysadmin is: learn how to take notes. I had to take down, reload, reboot, reconfigure, and do it over and over again during the last couple of days. In the end, I settled for a no-frills Ubuntu Breezy, and decided to just scrap the webmin idea and learn how to hand-configure the daemons myself. But everything would have been much easier from the start had I taken down notes. Now I have them, and should I need to reinstall the thing (hope I do not) I have a copy of it :)

I’ll post it here too just in case I lose that piece pf paper (which I’m expecting is going to happen).

That should take care of the initial setup.

Now what am I using the remote shell for? Since I still haven’t figured out how to configure a webserver, I’m currently running my bot on it ^_^ Here are the steps I did:





So far, that’s all I’ve done. I’ll be updating this page when I do more with my box.


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